Hydraulic Rock Breaker – XL Product range


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Nitrogen technology to its max efficiency
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Hydraulic Rock Breaker – XL Product range


Fully Dampened System

Let each blow break rocks, not your excavator. The XL range fully suspended power cell, will prevent cracks on excavator boom and breaker housing.

Optimized Nitrogen Technology

Make nitrogen an ally, not a duty. XL range chamber genuine high performance seals avoids inopportune and frequent refills. Moreover, nitrogen settings can be adjusted according to your current application for maximized efficiency.

Patented Hydraulic Distribution

XL range will take care of your excavator, absorbing harmful pressure spikes.

Energy Recovery System

Very hard rock ? Capture the recoil for the next blow : each piston bounce back will be converted into speed. Faster blows means more productivity.

Time-Tested Structure

Montabert bolt & nut tie rods system is reliable, and allows a modular assembly. This makes maintenance a lot easier and cheaper.

Patented Blank Firing Protection

XL range can take care of itself. The operator won’t have to worry about blank firing, and will be able to fully concentrate on his job.

Heavy Duty Housing

XL range comes standard ready to face any jobsite among the toughest, thanks to its bottom wear plates and rock dragging teeth.

Relevant Working Tools Range

Blunt, chisel, and moil point : with these three tools, you can face any jobsite.

Nitrogen technology to its best

Montabert is pioneer in innovative breaker performance technology : the goal is to bring the essence of this know-how to customers.

XL breakers are high back pressure tolerant, offering unprecedented stable nitrogen pressure over time and provide the best power output ratio.