Fully hydraulic quickcoupler for hydraulic excavators

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Variolock VL 100-250


Fully hydraulic quickcoupler for hydraulic excavators

Each attachment safely in use, in just seconds

The fully hydraulic Variolock energy circuit coupling system makes changing all attachments easy, safe and quick. The driver can comfortably change all tools including the hydraulic connection at the press of a button from the cab, without having to leave the cab and without having to depend on other personnel.

Very economical thanks to time and cost savings

  • More effective working: tool change makes sense also with short work cycles
  • More safety and convenience for the driver
  • Cost reduction due to preservation of machine and attachments
  • Prevention of hose ruptures
  • Less contamination of the hydraulic system, environmentally friendly


Locking process

When locking the quickcoupler and theattachment with the adapter, the valvesare opened mechanically.The extremely short stroke of 0 – 4.8 mmallows a full flow of oil immediately. The quickcoupler is always safe andlocked without backlash through permanent pressurisation.

S-block: valve block in quickcoupler

  • Flexibly and centrally stored on the underside in the quickcoupler
  • With five short stroke valves
  • Including leakage oil lines
  • Integrated hydraulic tension support ensures a solid hydraulic connection between
  • S-block and A-block

A-block: valve block in the attachment

  • Mounted in the attachment adapter
  • Short stroke valves are flush with the block surface and thus easy to maintain
  • Valves optimally adapted to the respective tool:

Two valves: e.g. tilt bucket, hammer
Three valves: e.g. drum cutter, rigid compactor
Four valves: e.g. rotatable grapple
Five valves: e.g. rotatable compactor