Rotar Demolition Pulverizer

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Incredible cutting powers combined with easily replaceable wear parts make this Rotar Demolition Pulverizer the perfect pulverizer for both primary and secondary demolitions. The RDP series will gnaw its way through any concrete construction.


Replaceable teeth

The Rotar Demolition Pulverizer has been fitted with replaceable rows of teeth. It is an impressive sight to see these teeth cutting through the extremely tough concrete. The design of the jaws guarantees powerful penetration of the materials


Headpiece and slewing ring

The RDP series is fitted with a strong rotating headpiece and an over-dimensioned slewing ring. The hydraulic engines in the headpiece create a high torque, allowing the combi shear to be positioned in any desired way.


Specially developed speed valve

The speed valve developed by Rotar allows the jaws to close quickly and the pulverizer will effortlessly switch from speed to power mode as soon as the job requires cutting power. The pulverizer’s body has been assembled from high-grade and wear-resistant materials, making it extremely strong.


Cross-mounted hydraulic cylinder

The cross-mounted construction of the hydraulic cylinder ensures optimal efficiency of the cutting power and a compact design with a favourable centre of gravity. The large diameter of hoses, bores and pipes reduces the back pressure in the hydraulic system and contributes to the extraordinary feats this pulverizer can pull off.