Excavator Mounted Manipulators

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MOVAX Manipulators are designed for fast, flexible and efficient handling of different kinds of masts, gantries and poles as well as a wide range of piles. Based on the patented side grip technology – and due to it’s 360 degree continuous rotary gear – the MOVAX Manipulator is designed for superior maneuverability, safety and accuracy.

Variety of different profiles and soft gripping surfaces ensure safe handling of tasks involving sensitive materials.



Utilizing the hydraulic power and lifting capacity of the excavator or rail roader (carrier). Designed to work on any and all wheeled and crawler-type excavators and rail roaders by utilising and commanding the standard auxiliary hydraulics and/or by connecting to the electronic control of the excavator.


Available for masts, poles, gantries and different type of piles and with gripping surfaces tailor-made for the profiles to be handled. Soft gripping surfaces are available for different type of materials and surfaces – and ensuring that no damage is done to the material during handling.


The MOVAX Multi-tool leaders are available stick-, boom- and chassis-mounted based on the MPL-model and the size of excavator.

NOTE! the selection and suitability of a specific excavator must always be checked by Premier Rock Machinery.


MOVAX Manipulators are utilized, for example, in the installation of gantries or poles by aligning them with the foundation. The unit can be used to feed silent pilers or for keeping elements in place during manual attaching.


Inherently superior handling capabilities with the state-of-the-art MOVAX Control System leads to the highest possible efficiency, precision and accuracy. Available in two configurations: mControl+ LITE and mControl+ PRO.


Available with the MOVAX MIMS Information Management System: mFleetManagementTM for monitoring MOVAX piling equipment operation, performance and condition; and mLogbookTM for monitoring and reporting the piling works.

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