Movax Control System

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mControl+ is a modern control system based on the latest and most advanced innovations. The control system forms an integral and unseparable part of the MOVAX way-of-piling vital to achieving a higher productivity and significant overall time and cost savings – and a high quality piling installation. Available with automatic tip control for the highest efficiency, accuracy and quality.


mControl+ is available for all excavator and rail roader brands and models. Depending on the carrier the following options are available to control the carrier’s auxiliary pilot circuit:

  • Hydraulic, with a hydraulic valve block
  • Electronically, with a PWM-module
  • Through a CAN interface


Ergonomic user interface designed for ease-of-operation with a large colour display, easy-to-read graphical symbols and user friendly menus for calibration and performance optimisation. All functions are effortlessly controlled using switches and thumb wheels on the control grips.


mControl+ provides comprehensive and essential information about the operation of the MOVAX piling equipment and customised solutions and the piling process. Available with connectivity to MOVAX Information Management System mFleetManagement and mLogbook.

mControl+ PRO

mControl+ PRO is a state-of-the-art automatic control system based on advanced tip-control computing technology and angle sensors mounted onto the carrier’s – excavator’s or rail roader’s – boom and stick. The system utilises either proportional pilot valves, a PWM controller or a CAN pilot circuit/interface for the control of the carrier’s auxiliary hydraulics. The tip control-feature (autoTTM) of the mControl+ PRO effectively assists the operator in achieving a faster and more efficient, high quality piling installation.

mControl+ PRO also provides valuable information about the piling process which further assists the operator in reaching a high production rate and accuracy. Information is also provided with the intention of protecting the MOVAX piling equipment and thus ensure the availability of the MOVAX piling equipment. The hardware required for the connectivity to MOVAX Information Management System, mFleetManagement and mLogbook, is integrated into the mControl+ PRO system.



The automatic tip control uses the power of computing, pre-programming and angle sensors mounted onto the MOVAX piling equipment and the excavator’s boom and stick in such a manner that a single action by the operator affects multiple movements at the same time. The tip control makes the MOVAX side grip pile driver or MOVAX piling hammer travel vertically – or at a desired angle in case of raked piles – in a straight line by taking over demanding parts of the excavator’s boom control.

The tip control feature is principally divided into two parts: Vertical Tip Control [Y-AXIS] and Horizontal Tip Control [X-AXIS].

The operator can pilot the boom assembly both up and down as well as left and right with a single control grip roller command. The speed of the action can be adjusted fly-by with the proportional roller when the movement occurs. Highly accurate calibrations can be done based on operator preference.


mControl+ PRO includes the hardware required for the connectivity to the MOVAX Information Management System (mFleet Management and mLogbook), and the angle sensors for the excavator – also as required for the mLogbook documentation and reporting software.

The same sensors are utilised to for instance provide information about the ‘refusal’. MOVAX side grip pile drivers and piling hammers (as well as piles) are protected by displaying a clear and visible warning to the operator when refusal is reached during the pile driving process.

mControl+ LITE

mControl+ LITE is a state-of-the-art control system which utilises proportional pilot valves, a PWM controller or a CAN pilot circuit/interface for the control of the excavator’s auxiliary hydraulics. mControl+ LITE is installed onto the excavator without making any changes to the original functionality of the excavator whatsoever.

mControl+ LITE is utilised to control MOVAX side grip pile drivers, piling hammers, piling drills and manipulators. mControl+ LITE provides basic information about the operation thus assisting the operator in the piling process. Connectivity to MOVAX Information Management System mFleetManagement requires optional hardware.



Download mControl+ PRO and mControl+ Lite Technical Specification