Movax Leader Mast

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  • Leader Mast for piling applications with over 12 metres of effective leader length.
  • Excavator boom mounted; designed to work on a standard excavator with normal auxiliary hydraulics.
  • Mounted onto crawler type excavators. All mast-related hydraulics, and winches are integrated to the leader mast itself.
  • Bi-directional rope system which enables stepless control of both the speed and the force of the MOVAX Piling equipment in both directions of movement.
  • Equipped with a fully integrated service winch for handling of piles and equipment.
  • The mast can easily, fast and flexibly be attached and detached thus enabling other usage of the excavator. The mast can also be folded and thus easily transported between sites.
  • Operated with the MOVAX Control System (MCS ProL) which allows the operator to control all MOVAX leader and MOVAX piling equipment operations by commanding the auxiliary hydraulics of the excavator.


Excavator size class: 33-40 tons