Movax Control Systems

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The MOVAX Control System (MCS™) links the excavator with MOVAX’s pile drivers, piling hammers and piling drills – and leader masts. The system controls the auxiliary hydraulics of the excavator and all the functions of MOVAX’s piling and drilling equipment. The system utilises inclination and pressure sensors to monitor for instance the pile driving process – thus assisting the operator to achieve better efficiency, increased productivity and higher accuracy.

The MOVAX Control System is available in three versions: MCS Lite, MCS Pro and MCS Pro+auto. MCS Lite is a basic control system including all the necessary controls to operate MOVAX piling and handling equipment. MCS Lite is available for fixed or temporary installation (MCS Lite plug & play). MCS Pro includes additional sensors providing added information and intelligence concerning the piling process and the MOVAX equipment. MCS Pro+auto is additionally provided with an auto control function.



  • Ergonomic and informative user interface
  • Colour display
  • All functions effortlessly controlled using switches and thumbwheels on the control grips



1. MOVAX module / 2. Valve Block / 3. Grips / 4. Display

1. MOVAX module / 2. Stick boom sensor / 3. Main boom sensor / 4. Excavator module / 5. Valve Block / 6. Grips / 7. Display