PRM Engineering Services are developers of leading edge technology grounded on firm knowledge, experience and the needs of the earthmoving industry


Height Limiters | Slew Limiters | Safe Load Indicators | Hose Burst Protection | Innovative safety | Programming, Robotics & Mechatronics | Customised Control & Safety Systems | Pedestrian Detection

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PRM Engineering Services specialise in innovative control and engineering solutions, through our energetic and highly qualified mechatronic engineers, making PRM Engineering Services a futuristic hi-tech flexible and dynamic team, ready to move quickly, but backed by firm values, integrity and a professional reputation in Australia and internationally.

Industries such as earthmoving, utilities, oil and gas, construction, transportation, rail and infrastucture can benefit from our expertise as follows:

  • Vision Systems Expertise
  • Sensor Integration Projects
  • Improving Safety Performance
  • Custom Engineered Automation Solutions
  • Increasing Productivity with Technology
  • Latest Technology Options Assessment
  • Minimising Human Involvement
  • Transparent and Consultive Partnering Model
  • Improving Availability and Uptime
  • Focus on Solutions, Not Products

Further information and OTHER PRODUCTS available on the PRM Engineering Services website: