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Intelligent risk mitigation

Human error or negligence on landfill sites can have devastating consequences. Brisbane-based company PRM Engineering Services is behind the development of the Sentinel VISION AI machine safety system. By using AI, as well as machine learning, the human recognition...

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MOVAX factory expansion completed

The factory expansion has passed the final inspection and Movax will now move into the new south wing of the factory. The project was completed on-time and below budget!  The completion comes at a perfect time with multiple new orders signed for the delivery of...

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Movax DH Hammer at work in Tasmania

BridgePro in Tasmania have been using a Movax DH Hammer, supplied and installed by PRM, where they are constructing a pedestrian bridge in Launceston.  The bridge will be built over the next 6 months and will ultimately provide a new pedestrian and cycle link...

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