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Thiess – Technology in Focus

The following is an Extract from an  News Article appearing in the Australian Mining Review  --- Beyond its recent contract wins, Thiess was also advancing automation across its projects. Technology was a primary focus for the business, which was highlighted...

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Movax SG-45 commissioned in Christchurch

PRM commissioned a Movax SG-45 pile driver in Christchurch NZ this week. In keeping with ensuring that all installs work efficiently and safely, PRM also provided comprehensive training which is all part of the Movax Way of Piling - Efficient | Fast | Flexible |...

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First Movax pre-auger into Australia

PRM have installed and commissioned the first Movax PA-50 into Australia at Dundrum Civil. MOVAX pre-augers are excavator-mounted auger drive attachments for pre-augering and are utilised to support MOVAX side grip pile drivers or piling hammers in difficult soil...

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PRM install another Movax SG-45V in NZ

Another PRM customer in New Zealand this week,  embracing Movax innovative technology with the purchase and install of a brand new Movax SG-45V. Congratulations! Read some of our case studies showing the varied uses of this popular side-grip piling...

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