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First Movax pre-auger into Australia

PRM have installed and commissioned the first Movax PA-50 into Australia at Dundrum Civil. MOVAX pre-augers are excavator-mounted auger drive attachments for pre-augering and are utilised to support MOVAX side grip pile drivers or piling hammers in difficult soil...

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PRM install another Movax SG-45V in NZ

Another PRM customer in New Zealand this week,  embracing Movax innovative technology with the purchase and install of a brand new Movax SG-45V. Congratulations! Read some of our case studies showing the varied uses of this popular side-grip piling...

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New Movax SG-50 for JRT Group in Yeppoon

PRM have sold the latest Movax SG-50 to JRT Group in Yeppoon. JRT Group was established in 2000 as a small, family based business and has since grown to be one of the largest civil construction firms on the Capricorn Coast. The company employs over 80 staff members...

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January – a big month for Movax sales!

A very busy month for Movax sales and installations for PRM with three Movax delivered into New Zealand  alone - a SG-45V, SG-45 and a SG-60. PRM have also sold the latest Movax SG-50 to JRT Group in Yeppoon. PRM also sold a Movax Pre-Auger Drill in Brisbane and...

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