Rotar introduces a new green logo, which expresses the green images of the Rotar hydraulic attachments.

The image stands for “improved hydraulic infrastructure” (IHI). Rotar changed some parameters (acceptable hydraulic values) on the attachments. Nowadays too many attachments are creating heat. This means that the hydraulic lines, boring and couplings are too narrow. This result in negative effects of the performance,  fuel consumption,  lifetime of components and impact of the carrier.

Rotar designs in house their components like valves, swivels and cylinders, and are made for purpose. Rotar attachments require flow and pressure values from the tool carrier, but don’t restrict them anymore, once they reach the attachment.

This avoids backpressure problems and results in a better performing tool. (without going exotic in difficult technologies) The result is a better performing tool, less fuel consumption, less heat and a better balance between tool and carrier.