35% Saving With a Rotar Pulveriser



The Rotar Pulveriser gives a 35% quicker cycle time than anything else on the market resulting in:

  • 35% less driver’s time
  • 35% less diesel used by the attachment
  • 35% saving on job time



Bradley Demolition, one of the North West’s premier demolition services, have enjoyed time, cost and diesel savings on recent projects by adding a selection of market leading Rotar demolition attachments to their range of equipment.

An introduction to Bradley Demolition
Bradley Demolition have been trading successfully since 1996 and today offer a full range of demolition services including: demolition, consultancy, asbestos removal, soft strip out works, remediation, concrete crushing and industrial dismantling.

Bradley Demolition’s typical projects have included the demolition of a fire damaged office block and an old rugby stadium to make way for a housing development, as well as works at an Edwardian Mill including asbestos removal, demolition, crushing and remediation.

The latest project
Their latest project is the demolition of an old school in Winsford, Cheshire. The old building was three stories high in places, and due to its age, had a lot of asbestos to remove before the full demolition work could begin.  A new school building had been built nearby and the old school was to be demolished and the foundations excavated.

Almost all waste materials were to be separated out for removal or recycling, apart from the arisings.  These, Bradley Demolition are crushing and leaving on site so that they can be used to create level sports fields in in the place where the old building once stood.


Specialist Equipment
Amongst their specialist equipment being used on their latest project are a series of demolition grabs and a pulveriser from leading demolition attachment specialist Rotar.  With its striking red livery, the Rotar range, has an excellent reputation for power, durability and reliability across Europe. It includes scrap shears, sorting/demolition grabs and steel shears amongst other products.

Why Rotar ?
Paul Johnson, the owner of Bradley Demolition, has added these Rotar attachments to his equipment range during 2013 after seeing them at work at the Bauma exhibition in April in Germany.   Paul bought an RSG1000 Grab and has since added three more Grabs – the RG12, RG22 and RG37 to his range.  His favourite recent addition is a RDP42 Pulveriser.  The RDP42 is used on a 48t excavator, the larger grab on a 30t and the smaller grabs on a 15t excavator.
Paul, with his extensive knowledge and experience in the demolition industry, agrees that the Rotar Grabs are the best grabs on the market and extremely well made.

Paul said, “The Rotar Pulveriser has a 35% quicker cycle time than anything else on the market!  It has bigger pipes, bigger return valves, bigger booster values and bigger speed valves.  This has resulted in 35% less drivers time, 35% less diesel.

The Rotar attachments are a cut above anything else on the market and we will continue to invest in them.  We couldn’t afford not to buy them, so we made the investment!”

Paul finally adds, “This equipment helps put us in good position to attract future clients and show ourselves as a leading local demolition company.





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September 27, 2018