After an eye opening trip to the factory where they are manufactured, Liston Group made the easy decision to invest in the Lehnhoff Variolock Fully Automatic Quickcoupler System.

Established over 10 years ago and with over 100 years of demolition experience and industry ‘know how’ between the management team. Liston Group pride themselves on working closely with their clients, who are drawn from all sectors of the construction and developer industries.   Liston Group are a Birmingham based contractor offering specialist demolition and associated services throughout the UK.

Liston Group, a valued customer for Worsley Plant, had already made their first investment in the Lehnhoff system, shortly after it was first introduced onto the UK market so MD Sean Heron thought they would be very interested in finding out more about the quality and build of the product.

Andrew Purse, Worsley Plant’s Business Development Manager for the Midlands region, invited Tony McLean to visit two of their suppliers.  They took a trip to the LEHNHOFF factory in Germany and also to ROTAR in Holland.

Tony commented:  “The Lehnhoff factory really opened our eyes.  The R&D that goes into making their products is out of this world! The techniques that Lehnhoff are using are way ahead of anyone else.  In addition it is specifically designed for demolition, due to the flows required by the equipment, so fits the bill perfectly”

Listons had originally considered other Quickcouplers on the UK market, but after seeing the Lehnhoff technology they wouldn’t dream of investing in anything else.  It was “by far the leader of all the options available” to them, and although it is relatively new to the UK, it is the market leader in Europe.  Besides which, Liston Group could see the huge potential and don’t like to follow the norm. They wanted to embrace the new technology ahead of their competitors.

After buying their first Lehnhoff system, Liston Group haven’t looked back.  Each time they have updated or added to their fleet, they have added a new Lehnhoff system and now have three Quickcouplers and buckets working on their EC250 Volvo Excavators.  These they see as long term investments as every 3 or 4 years they will be refurbished and rebuilt at the Lehnhoff factory with no re-buy costs for the company.

The visit to the Rotar factory also proved fruitful for Listons, and they chose to add to their existing range of Rotar Demolition attachments.  Their first Rotar Grab was purchased 18 months ago after they’d been given a demonstrator.  Happy with the performance – they bought it!  The company have now ordered a RDP32 Pulverisor, an RSS20 Scrap Shear and two more RG28 selector-grabs, all to work on the Lehnhoff systems on their EC250 Volvos.

Andrew Purse said: “Liston Group are a key customer for us.  We first worked with them when they invested in an MB BF90 Crushing Bucket about 3 years ago.  Earlier this year they traded that in for the larger MB BF120.  We felt it was important to show them the technology behind the kit they were starting to invest in.  As Lehnhoff is relatively new to the UK market we wanted them to be comfortable with their investment in this market leading technology.”

A recent project where they used all their Worsley Plant products together involved the demolition of the former Harrison Drape factory in Birmingham.  The site was being demolished as part of a large residential development in the city centre.  Liston Group secured the contract to remove asbestos, demolition of a large portion of the original factory and structural alterations to the remainder. The contract also included ground remediation works.

Floor slabs and foundations were easily removed with a ripper tooth and buckets used on the Lehnhoff Quickcoupler.  They also used a crushing bucket to reclaim materials arising from the demolition works.   The MB Crushing Bucket allowed materials to be crushed and reused in the ongoing development of the site.   Their existing Lehnhoff system allowed them to change easily between attachments.  It takes just 15 seconds to change over an attachment without the driver leaving the cab – safer, faster, easier, saving time and money.

Liston Group are already looking at their next Lehnhoff purchase.  They are just about to buy a new High-Reach Demolition Rig and plan to fit a Lehnhoff Quickcoupler system to both the short and high reach arms to maximise it’s productivity.

Tony McLean concluded: “Since we invested in Lehnhoff we haven’t looked back.  We are saving time and money on all our jobs and having seen the manufacturing process in person, we wouldn’t buy another product.  It has been well worth the investment.  Working with Worsley Plant has ensured we have the right tools for the job and can achieve our targets more easily, making significant time and cost savings.  There is nothing that comes close on the market today.”



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September 27, 2018