QMW Industries partner with PRM Engineering

Focus on modern vehicle control systems

QMW Industries continuous Improvement philosophy lead them to partner with PRM Engineering Services to help bring their multi-function Tyre Handler into the future. The system in question originally provided safe handling operation by severely limiting the machines hydraulic capabilities controlled by a simple push button and indication relay box requiring four laboured build days per machine to get the tyre handler control system operational.

As the machine provided the end user multi-tool operation including the use of man basket and buckets, the previous system limited the machine to only functioning as a tyre handler, It could not provide the end user the versatility to operate a single machine in different applications.

Cutting complexity, adding agility

With PRM and QMW combined 52 years’ experience, knowledge and risk assessments have created a logic controller that encompasses the tyre handlers’ core adding safety, versatility and maximises operational efficiency displayed to the operator with an in-cabin display.

Through clever engineering the Q~Multi-Logic system has multiple modes for a variety of applications;

  • Tyre Handling modes – compliant with AS1418.8 pick and carry crane
  • MEWP/UWP modes – AS1418.10 conditional certification for underground application
  • Tramming modes for each tool function mode
  • Tool Carrier modes – for use with forks, material handling arm and buckets.

The system also has a variety of other typical mine spec requirements. Due to the varied scope for fatal risk protocols and site specifications on each mine, PRM and QMW have integrated as much as possible into the one system. This is much more cost effective than having multiple add-ins as it reduces labour and gives the owner of the equipment the ability to change the way the machine is set up with a password protected touch of the button. From horn blast on ignition, to door interlocks, MDG15 compliance is a breeze and more cost-effective than ever with this kit.

Path to the future

The QMW 4 function Underground Tyre Handler has been used by underground miners for over 15 years and now provides mine spec safety and versatility for the end-user. The PRM control system provides QMW adaptability for their range of 12 tyre handler designs for a variety of machine sizes and applications.

PRM Engineering was well suited to this project due to their extensive experience in machine control systems, safety system design and hydraulic control systems.


Posted on

February 26, 2019