Rotar Attachments Speed Demolition Job



A range of Rotar Demolition Attachments have helped make the demolition and remediation of former US Air Force base in Upper Heyford, Oxfordshire an easier process, thanks to their superior processing power.

Urban Regen, experts in the fields of remediation, demolition and civil engineering for over 8 years, offer their services to the private and commercial sector within the brownfield land development sector.

Their current project involves a phased demolition, asbestos removal and service isolation programme in conjunction with other contractors on the site which is to be redeveloped as a large residential development covering 24ha. Former family quarters, pubs, schools, shops, administration buildings, hospital, military storage units, site utilities and fuel storage tanks and vessels are to be demolished. Localised ground contamination is being treated and wherever possible materials are to be recycled on site as part of this process.

Urban Regen have invested in four Rotar attachments for the project all working in their individual fields of expertise to help demolish the variety of buildings found on the site.

Amongst these, are a pair of demolition specification rotating selector grabs. The smaller Rotar RSG800 has a capacity of 800 litres while the larger Rotar RSG1000 selector grab comes with a 1000 litre capacity. Both so far have proven to be very strong and quick in operation and are being used in conjunction with their Doosan DX225, DX300 and DX340 excavators.  The Rotar RSG800 is being used almost constantly on the smaller DX225 excavator sorting materials out from the demolished structures, loading bulk bins and on general demolition and site tidying duties.

Urban Regen are delighted with the speed of the two grabs.  The very quick closing stroke is enabling the operators to quickly, effectively and safely remove various parts of the old structures.

The 1.9 tonne tool boasts a shell width of 1.2m and an opening jaw width of 2.4m. The larger Rotar RSG1000 boasts a shell width of 1.4m and the same opening width of 2.4m. Both tools require an oil flow rate of only 140 litres per minute and their sturdy, modular construction means that the shells are easily removable to be replaced with alternative versions for digging or forestry applications.

Urban Regen also have a new Rotar RDP32 rotating concrete processor. Fitted to a Doosan DX300, the Rotar RDP32 is being used to remove the concrete roof from a three storey former accommodation block. The building had originally had a concrete flat roof which had subsequently been upgraded to a pitched roof. The DX225 was being used with its selector grab to remove the timber work and expose the masonry sections before the larger DX300 with processor came in to handle the heavy material.

With an opening jaw width of 1m at the tip, the Rotar RDP32 boasts a cutting force of up to 1.2Kn. With a 945mm jaw length the unit again is praised for both its build quality and its power and speed of operation.  Taking only 2.5 seconds to either open or close the jaws makes this unit one of the quickest in its class. Ideal for primary as well as secondary demolition, it easily crushes the reinforced concrete beams. The low weight of 3.1 tonnes and the optimum centre of gravity makes the Rotar RDP32 ideal for this project.

Urban Regen’s final attachment is a Rotar RSS30 scrap shear. Mounted on the new DX340. This was being used to quickly process the steel from the buildings into manageable sizes for transport to the processors. With a jaw opening width of 607mm and a cutting force at the throat of 644 tonnes, the Rotar RSS30 is easily handled by the 35 tonne excavator. The Rotar RSS30 is being used, very effectively, to cut up any steel framed structures on site and with a very quick closing speed of under three seconds, is deemed to be one of the best shears the company has ever used.

Urban Regen are committed to recycling of materials and therefore all ferrous and non-ferrous material is being processed on site before being sent away for recycling.  The masonry arisings are crushed, screened and to be left on site for use in the later developments.

The Rotar range of demolition grabs, shears and pulverisers are the best on the market.   They are extremely efficient on tough jobs and  are saving customers both time and money on projects due to their superior productivity and operating power.  PRM is excited to be the proud representatives of Rotar demolition products in Australia.



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September 27, 2018