Variolock improves performance by 25%

New Variolock Fully Automatic quickcoupler system improves performance by 25% for Demolition contractor

“I do not want to do without the Variolock VL 400” is Gerhard Jodeit’s personal conclusion.

Since he realized how quickly the investment in the Variolock systems pays off, he has already ordered the next two fully hydraulic quickcoupler systems from Lehnhoff and gradually, he intends to equip all of his twenty excavators with this system.

Gerhard Jodeit has been a demolition contractor for thirty years, so knows what equipment works for him. Recently he decided to equip just two of his twenty excavators with the new fully hydraulic Variolock VL 400 quick coupler systems from Lehnhoff.   He wanted to try them out before making an extensive investment.  The results were more than worthwhile for his heavy duty applications, and he is now gradually upgrading all of his excavators.

Gerhard’s team, in conjunction with Abbruch Transport Recycling (ATR), is active nationwide and is often in demand when it comes to tricky demolition, renovation or disposal tasks. Among a lot of other construction equipment, twenty excavators are in use in ATR companies.

For years, he has relied on a quick coupler and bucket. The NEW fully hydraulic Variolock VL 400 quick-change system from Lehnhoff promised a significant increase in efficiency. He wanted to know exactly whether it could achieve this even with its heavy duty applications. Therefore, as a trial he equipped two of his  tracked excavators with the VL 400: a JCB JS 460 and a Komatsu PC 450.

He became the first customer in Germany to use the Lehnhoff Variolock VL 400.

The fully hydraulic quickcoupler system was first presented to the construction and demolition market at Bauma 2013 and has proved a great success saving customers time and money, improving safety and efficiency on a wide range of projects.

The first two excavators completed around 1,400 hours of operation with the Variolock systems under the most severe demolition conditions. The quick change from hydraulic hammer to pulverizer, sorting grab or backhoe bucket is now part of everyday life on Gerhard’s construction sites.

He says, “The straightforward exchange process actually takes much less than sixty seconds. And even if the tracked excavator has to be repositioned because the tool is not ideally located, it still takes no more than three minutes”.
Operations at the construction site have significantly changed for the demolition company with the introduction of the Variolock VL 400. “We can organize our sites completely differently,” says the demolition expert.

On its construction sites, in addition to demolition and loading operations being performed, the tools must usually be changed an average of 12 to 25 times a day, and at peak times up to 40 times a day.

“The Variolock system facilitates the logistics for construction vehicles,” explains Gerhard Jodeit. “The truck does not have to register at the site before arrival, so loading can start without costly delay. Once driven onto the site, the  excavator changes the hammer for the grab or the bucket quickly, and loads the truck.  As it drives away again, it can just as quickly be applied to its previous task.”

Gerhard has found that with his two VL 400 equipped excavators, he can free up an excavator in half the time he could previously and assign other responsibilities. Or to put it a different way; he can improve performance by 25 percent.

“An additional performance increase is obtained along the way as a result of our excavator operators’ increase in motivation. Working with this technologically sophisticated equipment makes the guys proud of the work, and their work input is of a very different quality” says the demolition contractor.




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September 27, 2018