PRM together with MOVAX sent two of VEC Civil Engineering employees to Finland last month to view the new MOVAX leader mast in action.

The  leader mast is for piling applications with 12.3 metres of effective leader length. It is ideally suited for different type of driven piles, pre-augering or different techniques of cast-in situ piles. The leader mast can be mounted onto multiple different crawler excavator bases as piling specific hydraulics and winches are integrated to the MOVAX leader mast itself. It also comes with a full featured controlling and monitoring system.

Movax is a Finnish company that began manufacturing excavator-mounted equipment and accessories in the early 1990’s. In 2001, the company started the serial production of the SPH80 model, which eventually became one of the most sold products in their line of equipment until the new generation Movax side-grips was officially launched in 2012.

VEC Civil Engineering are an innovative company, based in Tasmania –  and already own two Movax Piling Hammers, the most recent of which was a SG-66AR Model purchased through PRM in May this year, and currently working in Emerald.