Design and commissioning of cabin intrusion protection systems

PRM Engineering and Plantmech recently designed and commissioned a number of cabin intrusion protection systems for use on long reach excavators and material handlers.

This was in response to several clients reporting incidents where the carried load had come into contact with the cabin, which necessitated a control system to prevent any future injuries or equipment damage.

PRM Engineering and Plantmech were well suited to this project due to their extensive experience in machine control systems, safety system design and hydraulic control systems.

The main features of the system include:

  • Customised Control Screen
  • Adjustable Stopping Distance from Cabin
  • System Function & Fault Notifications
  • Speed Based Predictive Stopping – Which prevens Overshoot of Load when travelling at higher speeds
  • Soft Stop Valving & Fail to Safe Valving
  • Internal Cabin Buzzer – Approaching Limit – At Limit Alarms (Configurable Distances)
  • Removable Key Lock to Prevent Unauthorised System Deactivation
  • Pin Number Access for Control of System Setting Changes – Supervisor Access

This new product adds to our extensive range of specialised safety products and safety systems – ranging from height, load and slew limiting systems to the latest in computer vision based pedestrian detection systems.


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January 17, 2019