From an excavator to a surface drill

A renowned international manufacturer and supplier is offering a versatile, alternative drill solution to the quarrying industry.

The Montabert CPA blast hole drilling rig is an excavator-mounted drill that offers numerous advantages over the conventional crawler drill, such as drilling multiple holes from one position, pre-splitting and toe holes, which provide safety advantages, and easy travel and versatility over rough terrain.

It effectively transforms any suitable excavator into a surface drilling machine and enlarges its application range, while retaining all of the excavator’s usual benefits, eg the long reach boom, mobility, cabin view, etc.

From the Montabert Micro CPA, the smallest unit to suit machines ranging from five to 10 tonnes, up to the Montabert CPA X-tend, the largest unit, which is mounted on a 30-tonne machine, operators have economical and effortless options for their drilling needs.

The CPA can drill holes up to 28 metres deep and 140mm in diameter, using a wide range of rods (from the Hex 22/25 to T60).

For maximum safety, a CPA can be equipped with an automatic rod changer (up to seven rods) and a dust collector. The swing can also be rotated by 45 degrees to allow easier positioning (in one version, the Micro CPA 360 can go up to 180 degrees). The CPA can be operated from the excavator cabin or from outside with a remote control.

On top of drill and blast in quarries, as well as long or high reach drilling, the CPA can be used in a wide range of applications including excavation, anchorage, bolting and drainage.

The drill circuit on the excavator can also run a rock breaker should oversize breaking be required, or back to bucket work, which enables the owner to maximise 100 per cent availability.

Montabert drifters have been mainstays of the quarrying industry globally since the 1970s. One of the most notable benefits of the Montabert drifter is the piston shape. Its trapezoidal design allows the drifter to deliver constant power with a high efficiency ratio; no energy is wasted. Every single kilowatt supplied to the drifter will be used at its best, and converted into drilling power to provide the best penetration rates, and the lowest costs per metre.

Drifters also provide savings on consumables. Dampening systems and reverse percussion greatly improve shanks and bits lifespan. High quality raw materials and treatments, and reliable manufacturing processes grant these drifters a very high life cycle, minimising maintenance.

The drifters are mounted on the Montabert CPA drill attachment but can also be used to replace an old drifter (not necessarily a Montabert) on regular surface or underground drilling machines.

Source: Komatsu Mining


Posted on

February 18, 2019