REMU PD Bucket Uniquely Adapted


A new PD screening bucket from Worsley Plant has helped a customer to achieve their recycling objectives where previously they had failed to find a solution.


Hargreaves recently needed to help one of their customers to process Pulverised Fuel Ash (PFA) at a local Power Station. To help they enlisted the expertise of Worsley Plant to help them solve their problem.

Coal was burnt at the power station creating a fine chimney dust like a fine powder. This is known as Pulverised Fuel Ash (PFA), which is a waste product of pulverized fuel (typically coal) fired power stations.   

For over 40 years PFA from this power station was sent to landfill. As the material is very fine it needed 12-14% of moisture adding to it so it didn’t blow away.  This meant it was conditioned with water to stay on the floor.

The customer wanted to recycle some of the landfilled PFA that was located nearby. The material they wanted to process was about 9 years old so had settled into place in its existing environment.  They had started reclaiming the old PFA and bulldozing it up. This unfortunately meant that much of it was in big boulders of 10-20mm in size. Ideally however, it needed to be shredded down to 15mm for the use they had planned for it.

Since 1994, Hargreaves Services plc has provided unrivalled performance in sourcing, producing, processing, handling and transporting carbon-based and other bulk materials throughout the UK and Europe.

As a regular customer of Worsley Plant, Hargreaves looked at hiring a REMU screening bucket for their customer but it wasn’t up to the job. They needed something specialist. Therefore, REMU stepped in to build them a standalone version of their new PD bucket, which was launched to the UK market at Hillhead.

Typically the PD3160 is specially designed and manufactured with most durable materials and up to date engineering in screening buckets technology to fulfil requirements and overcome challenges of pipeline projects, trench backfilling and other demanding heavy duty applications.

The new PD3160 padding bucket offers unbeatable quality and productivity for 30-40 ton excavators. Designed and built for heavy-duty padding work in harsh conditions. Robust structure, reliable power transmission and proven blade design ensure high efficiency and reliability through the years.

The PD bucket presented to Hargreaves’ customer was a great success allowing them to reclaim the PFA.  It allowed them to process the PFA down to under 15mm, which through further production processes was then formed into round pellets, which create lightweight aggregate to sell to the building trade.

With a great deal of PFA available to process and recycle for resale to the trade, the REMU bucket has been fundamental in helping the customer achieve its objectives successfully.


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September 27, 2018