Using Movax innovative piling solutions

Using Movax innovative piling solutions to build an electrically powered water-ski track


Building of electrically powered water-ski track in Poland

Movax SG-60

Polish contractor HYDROBUD KIELCZYK was part of a project building electrically powered water-ski track to SZELMENT Lake in north-eastern Poland. Work required installation of over 70 pcs of 508 mm tubes as pedestals for pulling rope towers and pierces. Installation was carried out with Movax SG-60 vibratory hammer installed on Hyundai 290 excavator.

Slopes nearby were protected with 12 meters long Gu16N profiles, driven also by Movax SG-60. Movax unit was equipped with modular jaws in order to provide smooth and fast tube and sheet-pile driving.

The track is the second longest in Poland with total length of 1.000 meters.


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September 26, 2018