Wrapped up and ready to go another Movax (SG60V) leaving for New Zealand. Congratulations to Fletcher specialist business brand Brian Perry Civil.  Commissioning and install is due early October.



Established by Brian Perry in 1954, Brian Perry Civil is a contractor with a reputation for performance, innovation and quality in high risk civil engineering projects.

From its origins in drainage work in the Waikato, the Company progressed to river and marine works, energy pipelines, civil structures and foundation work. Operations expanded geographically around New Zealand and to the South Pacific Islands.

The Company was bought by Fletcher Construction in 1986 and is now undertaking civil engineering projects ranging from small drainage jobs to major infrastructure projects up to $40 million in value.

Brian Perry Civil has been delivering successful projects to its clients in the NZ piling market since 1973, with experience evolving from temporary shoring of deep pipeline excavations. Piling applications include foundations and retention works for high rise buildings, heavy industrial plant, bridging and marine structures, pump stations and pipelines.