How to get the most out of your hydraulics system

Hydraulics are the heart and soul of your machine. Over the last several years, hydraulics have become more sophisticated with better performance through larger pumps and higher pressures. And some machines maintain performance with less horsepower due to Tier 4 emission regulations.

‘Under review’: NorthConnex toll road project at risk of late opening

The opening of the $3 billion NorthConnex tunnel project to motorists in northern Sydney could be delayed after the construction contractor put it “under review”.

Miners Set to Spend $11 Billion in Search of the Next Jackpot

Miners and investors are poring over satellite images, tracking drilling rigs and quizzing company executives for clues on whether the sector’s heavyweights are close to a new jackpot discovery.

Construction Company Komatsu Offering More Drone Solutions

Komatsu America Corp., a manufacturer and supplier of construction equipment, and Propeller Aero Inc., a provider of drone analytics solutions, are partnering to boost the efficiency of construction job sites with drone-powered mapping and analytics software.

Here’s how Caterpillar plans to boost mining vehicle automation tech

Caterpillar is partnering with the Navada-based Newmont Mining to improve upon its autonomous underground loaders.

Doosan launches DoosanCONNECT telematics system

A decade after launching its first telematics system, Doosan has released DoosanCONNECT, which promises to deliver greater machine-to-machine communication, intelligence and remote equipment monitoring.