Lyon, France: a city known to be the gastronomic centre of fine French cuisine. The city is also renowned for it’s involvement in the fine arts, and it has a history of decadence and comfort, a trait established as early as the Roman colonization. Lyon is also situated close to the Alps, the mountainous region of Western Europe, where French tradesmen and miners have made their money harnessing the Alps’ natural resources; multitudes of conglomerations of precious minerals and metals as well as quality building material.

Because so many Frenchmen were involved in the mining sector from these parts, it was only natural that the Lyonnais would start businesses devoted to the development and production of mining tools and hardware. Montabert is one such business. Starting in 1921, Montabert would construct pneumatic-powered tools for a number of companies that worked on the mines. And so the brand was created.

It was only in the 1940s, though, that Montabert started placing their particular brand name onto their own built and developed products. And it wasn’t until the 1960’s that the company really started making waves in the industry by developing the parallel boom assembly for the hydraulic drifters that were used in mines at the time. Montabert also revolutionized the small construction industry by creating a hydraulic jackhammer rather than improving on the standard pneumatic one. Montabert used this technology to their advantage, creating the very first rock breaker that could be mounted onto the boom of an excavator.

Since then the business has used its lead in the market toward its advantage, continually developing Montabert’s development of rock breakers and drifters. Montabert currently sports a line of the world’s best rock breaking equipment, and this had led to successful business growth. With an annual turnover of $95 million and over 500 specialized staff, Montabert will continue manufacturing the world’s finest rock breakers and drifters. For your supply of Montabert equipment, contact PRM today!