Montabert released the new V7000 hydraulic breaker, which was on display at the company’s booth at ConExpo in Las Vegas. The V7000 is heavier and more powerful than the V6500 both which are designed for demolition, quarrying, mining and excavating applications.

With a carrier weight range of 70 to 120 tons, the V7000 features a new variable-speed technology to allow for more versatility and greater productivity. Features include:

  • Superior power-to-weight ratios the V7000 can effectively excavate, break oversize boulders and demolish concrete
  • New patented automatic variable speed technology senses material hardness
  • Energy chamber acts as a hydraulic shock absorber and reduces pressure variations in the hydraulic circuits to provide consistent energy to the breaker
  • Energy recovery system captures and recycles recoil energy from the piston to increase strike power in hard ground
  • Blank-fire protection system reduces damage on all wear parts
  • Automatic lubrication system protected inside the cradle ensures constant lubrication to improve life span on wear parts and components
  • Optional air pressurization kit for underwater applications

The V7000 was added to the company’s line of breakers because the market is growing in this segment and end users are looking for larger breakers as carriers get bigger and more powerful.

All of Montabert’s breakers, including the V7000, have state-of-the-art suspension systems to reduce vibration and wear, greatly increasing the lifespan of the machine and allowing them to outlast existing competitors in the market.


Montabert V7000