PRM will be showcasing MOVAX total solutions for rail applications at the upcoming AusRail Exhibition to be held at the ICC, Sydney on 3-5 December. Supporting the PRM team will be Mr. Lasse Mannola, Managing Director of Movax Finland.

The Movax way-of-piling is the optimum solution for a wide range of rail related works:
> Rail road construction
> Rail road repair
> Construction of underway passages, platforms etc.
> Piled foundations for electrical overhead lines
> Piled foundations for traffic signals etc.
> Installation of gantry masts/utility masts, traffic signal poles etc.
> Construction of noise reduction walls


PRM Engineering Sentinel Vision A.I. Launch:

The Sydney Expo will also allow PRM to launch Sentinel Vision A.I. – the new product range developed by PRM Engineering Services. Sentinel Vision A.I. is a world-first ruggedised on-machine hardware featuring artificial intelligence, human recognition and hazardous zone monitoring.