Representatives of Premier Rock Machinery will be on site to see the new Movax Products launched at Bauma 2016 Exhibition in Munich in April.

One of the demo units on site at the Movax stand have already been sold by PRM into Australia and will be leaving the German shores as soon as Bauma is finished on 16 April !

Movax Oy new innovative solutions for piling include:

Piling Hammers DH-20 and DH-30

MOVAX DH-20 and DH-30 Piling Hammers are excavator-mounted, hydraulic impact-type hammers for driving load-bearing piles or assisting in sheet pile driving in even the most difficult soil conditions. MOVAX piling hammers can flexibly be mounted directly onto the excavator or when greater depths are required onto an excavator mounted leader mast.


  • Suitable for different site conditions
  • Available in different models to meet a wide range of piling needs
  • Suitable for a wide range of piles including sheet piles, H-piles, tubular steel piles etc.
  • Excavator mounted or Excavator-leader-mast-mounted, designed to work on a standard excavator with normal auxiliary hydraulics
  • Equipped with MOVAX Control System (MCS™) for accurate control, safe, flexible and easy operation


Leader Mast EML-12

MOVAX EML-12 is a Leader Mast for piling applications with 12.3 metres of effective leader length. The EML-12 is ideally suited for different type of driven piles, pre-augering or different techniques of cast-in situ piles. Movax Oy’s own attachment selection includes at the moment the DH-20 and DH-30 Piling Hammers.

The EML-12 can be mounted onto multiple different crawler excavator bases as piling specific hydraulics and winches are integrated to the MOVAX leader mast itself. Movax also supplies a full featured controlling and monitoring system. The mast can be folded and thus easily transported between sites.


M-logbook™ for MCS Pro

The M-logbook is documentation and reporting tool which provides essential data related to the piling works.

The piling information collected by the MOVAX Control System (MCS Pro) is stored in the system’s excavator module. The information is then copied onto a USB-memory drive and transferred to a PC equipped with the M-logbook software for further analysis. Data concerning site and pile information can easily be added and ready-made reports, including both measured and calculated data, provide essential information about the piling work.


New training methods

Movax is bringing operator training to a whole new level with the introduction of the MOVSIM™ piling simulator. Detailed simulation and a realistic rendering of the piling work environment create a true hands-on feel of a real work assignment. Authentic excavator and MOVAX controls as well as adjustable seat complete the realistic work experience. The training simulator is an effective solution for organising both training for MOVAX end users as well as maintenance.


Movax DH35