MOVAX Remote is a new diagnostics-tool which provides remote access to the performance data of the MOVAX piling equipment: side grip vibratory pile drivers, piling hammers and piling drills. Access is provided both on-line as well as to stored, historical data. The MOVAX remote comes with a fully integrated GSM/GPS-system providing the remote connection (GSM) as well as the location of the excavator and MOVAX piling equipment (GPS). The MOVAX remote-module, including the GPS-antenna, is installed on the excavator. The on-line-performance data and stored historical data is accessed through an easy-to-use web-based, password-protected user interface (dashboard).

MOVAX Remote is utilized to monitor and optimize the performance of the MOVAX piling equipment. The monitored and stored data includes information about working hours, vibration hours, pressures, angles, frequencies and rpm’s as well as the impact energy (depending on the MOVAX piling equipment in question). MOVAX Remote is also designed to assist in troubleshooting, analysis and fast and efficient problem solving. The information can easily and quickly be accessed by MOVAX Oy’s specialist, MOVAX Oy’s local service partner and the end-user. If needed, MOVAX Oy is able to provide software updates for Pro & Lite systems via remote access.


MCS Remote