The first resonance -free start and stop Side Grip Vibro was sold into New Zealand in January this year.  Purchased by Texco Drilling Company in Christchurch, the SG-65V is being used for rebuilding the City Hall amongst other high profile projects.  This is the second MOVAX to be sold to Texco who still own their original Hammer which was bought over 12 years ago.

The SG-65V was launched by MOVAX Oy at Intermat in Paris last year and has proved to be a popular model world-wide.

Resonance free start and stop is a new technology, and is an ideal choice when working in urban areas and near historical or public assets or indeed  in any sensitive environment.

In addition to a safer vibration frequency, the SG65-V also causes less noise and is faster and more efficient to use.

Disturbances to the environment is minimised by operating at high frequencies and thus avoiding oscilation of the soil and surrounding structures

Premier Rock Machinery’s Mike Davis, installed and commissioned the SG65-V together with a site visit from Finland Factory Engineer, Mr Joachim Ruebsam.

Congratulations TEXCO on acquiring the first  MOVAX 65-v, on this side of the Pacific!


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