Swimming Pool Contractor?

Save time and money with the Remu Crossover (XO) Bucket

The REMU XO is bucket-frame with an interchangable work/tool module for blade screening, vibrating and light crushing.

  • Suitable for Bobcats and Excavators up to 8 tonnes
  • Easy to use and maintain bucket with multiple different applications
  • Easily process and handle wood, bark, brick,clay, building debris and stubborn soil contents
  • Change the “blade module” in 10 minutes to change between crushing and screening
  • One bucket to dig, move, dump, screen or crush
  • Reduce spoil removal by screening and reusing extracted soil on-site
  • Use the VIBRATING SCREEN MODULE to shake the sand out of paving stones for reuse
  • Use the SCREENING MODULE to create padding for the pool area and top soil
  • Use the CRUSHER MODULE to grind packed materials loose

At Premier Rock Machinery we know REMU products are being used successfully in various time and money saving applications – for example:

– Topsoil
– Padding Pipeline & Cable Excavation
– Composting
– Industrial Applications
– Recycling
– Screening Peat
– Mine Clearance
– Stabilization


Download the Brochure for further details.