PRM were recipients of the Advance Queensland (Queensland Government ) IGNITE funding grant in 2017 to develop our Sentinel VISION Hazardous Zone Monitoring System, (HZMS) which Tier 1 companies such as Downer, John Holland and CPB described in their support letters as a “Game Changer”

Sentinel VISION is the most advanced HZMS currently on the market and is capable of detecting the ingress of objects into a pre-set hazardous Zone (example behind a machine 3 meters wide, 10 metres long) where all pedestrians are wearing high viz reflective PPE, ensuring safety of personnel working in and around mobile machinery.

On Friday 27 July, PRM were visited by Mr Paul Russell, the Executive Director, Innovations, Programs and Engagement – Department of Innovation, Tourism, Industry development and the Commonwealth games, as well as the Policy Officer Steven Lee, to view a demonstration of the system as well as some of the other products that we are developing around safety and personnel detection in the mobile machinery applications.

The development of the Sentinel VISION system would not be possible without the grant funding through Advance Queensland and the IGNITE funding grant and look forward to working with our Tier 1 customers as we continue to work on the innovative edge of systems and safety.