With the prospect of cooler, wetter weather on the horizon, the REMU Big Float is a unique piece of equipment ideal for working in challenging environments.  With environmental natural disasters becoming more common unfortunately, Big Float could see it’s capability being tested more and more even in relation to seafront , canal properties and island homes throughout Australasia and the Pacific Islands.

Big Float is a unique amphibious excavator ideal for aquatic environments like shoreline, rivers, swamp, waste ponds and canals. It has a patented pontoon undercarriage that creates a safe working environment in otherwise unsafe locations.  It is easy to transport along public roads.  REMU Big Float has various applications including:  

Digging & Dredging: 

Ideal in shallow water areas and up to 9 meters deep, the Big Float can be used for removing mud, stones, sediment or waste materials, transforming reservoir and river banks, clearing channels and improving drainage and flow.

Cutting Aquatic Vegetation

Aquatic vegetation that is growing on the bottom of the river or lake can be removed with Big Float and a rake. It is also possible to remove plant roots and thus prevent plants growing back. If needed special hydraulic tools can be used for cutting.

Cutting Bushes from Water Side

Willow trees and other bushes can grow quickly and hide the landscape at waterside. With Big Float and a special cutting tool, harvesting can be done fast without leaving excessive marks on the environment.

Building Filtering Dams  

Big Float has been used for building a dam to filter humus out of water before it streams into the surrounding water system.  

Mining Industry

Big Float can be helpful in many stages in opencast mines. It has been used for example to assist water pumps and other dewatering and damming jobs.