Building docks for tourist boats in Sudan

Sudanese Marble Engineering Co. bought Movax SG-30 vibratory hammer and Watermaster Classic IV multipurpose dredger in April 2015.

Sudan is the 50th country where Movax vibrator has been sold to.  SG-30 vibro and the dredger were taken into use at work site by river Nile where two docks were built for 20-30 place tourist boats. 280mm diameter steel pipe piles, to which docks are attached, were installed with Movax.

Because the Nile water level, which rises up to 5 meters during the rainy season, scheduling of the job was particularly important. Construction site was located on a 4 km long river branch, which needed to be deepened for the boats. Movax was used to install sheet piles to support the edge of the river before the deepening.


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September 26, 2018