The Movax name has become synonymous for innovative, efficient excavator-mounted piling solutions. Movax piling attachments continue to evolve so that over 1700 units have now been delivered, working in over 50 countries across six continents.  


Premier Rock Machinery represents Movax in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea, and offers sales, installation, training and service support in close liaison with the factory. Parts and on-the-ground support are only a day away.

Movax has developed its product line beyond its initial, revolutionary side-grip sheet pile installer that allows excavators to install sheet piles in low-headroom applications, and now offers the market a versatile, reliable, cost effective and productive piling system that includes:

  • Side-grip pile drivers adaptable for use onsheet piles, H-beams, tubular piles and timber piles
  • Piling hammers for use with sheet piles, H-beams, tubular piles, timber piles and precast concrete piles
  • Piling drills for cast-in-situ concrete piles and other drilling work
  • Manipulators for handling piles etc
  • Three levels of control system (compatible with all types of Movax piling equipment).

All systems use the normal auxiliary hydraulic system of the excavator.

The versatility of the pile drivers is achieved through a system of interchangeable arms, clamps and pads to suit different types and sizes of pile. A resonance-free variable eccentric moment option is offered for work near sensitive structures. The piling hammers can be direct fitted to an excavator, or used in conjunction with a Movax leader mast. Rotation and tilting are available, allowing precise positioning of the hammers.


The control systems range begins with the MCS Lite system that provides basic but precise functionality for machines where piling is only one of a number of functions performed by the host excavator, and extends to the MCS Pro and MCS Pro+auto advanced systems designed for excavators totally or largely dedicated to piling work. These systems allow greater productivity and precision, with the auto system incorporating automated functions.

All control systems provide control over all excavator functions, and have ergonomic control grips with thumb wheels, and proportional control. All systems have full-colour display screens for the operator, with the screen size on both the Pro systems being significantly larger than that on the Lite system.

Movax Remote is a proprietary system that allows remote monitoring of the piling operations, as well as remote diagnostics in the event of a problem, and is available with all control systems. M-logbook™ is an option compatible with both Pro control systems that provides reporting and documentation of piling works, and can form part of a quality assurance system.

Other options for the Pro controls are camera input and a wireless site camera on a tripod for added safety, and control system software updates via memory stick.

Australasian users of Movax piling hammers can be assured not only by Movax’s commitment to supporting and continuing to develop its products, but also by the support of dealer Premier Rock Machinery, which is also trusted by other leading specialist manufacturers such as Rotar, Montabert and Remu to represent and support their products.



The Movax piling hammer can be directly attached to the excavator or
used with a Movax leader mast.

Article from New Zealand Construction News – April/May 2017 – Download PDF